Motorhome Bike & Scooter Racks

Having a towbar on your motorhome really extends the functionality of your motorhome, such as being able to carry cycles and scooters.

If you want to transport your bike or scooter with your motorhome, you need a reliable and sturdy rack that can be attached to the towbar. There are different types of racks available, depending on the weight and size of your bike or scooter, and whether you want to tow a trailer or not.

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Witter ZX504 Motorhome Tilting 4 Bike Cycle Carrier

The ZX504 platform style cycle carrier from Witter takes up to four cycles of any size.

The carrier clamps to a UK towball using a unique clamp down action and can be locked to the towball.

Ref: ZX504
Brand: Witter