Motorhome Scooter Carriers

Having a towbar on your motorhome really extends the functionality of your motorhome, such as being able to carry scooters.

If you want to carry your scooter with your motorhome, you need a towbar mounted scooter rack. This is a device that attaches to the flange of your towbar and supports your scooter on two wheel tracks. You can load and unload your scooter using a ramp that is stored on the rack. There are different types of scooter racks available, depending on the weight and size of your scooter and the capacity of your towbar and chassis.

You should always check your motorhome's payload and rear axle load before installing a scooter rack.

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Zorro, foldable scooter carrier for motorhomes

Our scooter carriers can carry up to one scooter (150 kg) and are fitted directly onto the chassis. The carriers can be removed from the vehicle at any time. All scooter carriers have a European type approval.

Delivery includes a wheel holder and ramp, also all fitting hardware and fitting instruction in English, German, French and Dutch.

Ref: 251600
Brand: Memo